First Review - The Root Of All Evil


Rock writer John Tucker, author of the NWOBHM bible 'Suzie Smiled - The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' among others, has published the first review of Midnight Messiah's debut album. Saying "There’s so much to get animated about – this is an album that’s all meat and no fat" and "Elixir fans will no doubt be expecting a handful of old songs in Midnight Messiah’s live set, but I’d be happy just to see them plug and play ‘The Root Of All Evil’ from start to finish: it really is that good". It is fair to say that the album was well-received by Mr Tucker! You can read the full review here

Let's hope the album is as well liked by the other critics, but more importantly, by you the fans that support us.

Thank you to all our loyal fans who have pre-ordered a copy of 'The Root Of All Evil' (you know who you are!) and to those who haven't ordered yet, you can buy a copy here


Midnight Messiah Rehearsal Videos

To launch the new Midnight Messiah channel on Youtube, the boys thought it was a good idea to capture some rehearsal footage to give you a "behind the scenes" peek at how things were coming along as they worked on the songs for their debut album.

We have uploaded five videos featuring a different song, and you can view them by clicking the link on the videos page.

When viewing the videos, please subscribe to the Midnight Messiah video channel to keep up to date with the band's video activities.


CD Baby

For fans in the USA and South America, Elixir's 'All Hallows Eve' and 'The Son of Odin' albums are avilable in both CD and mp3 download format from CD Baby.
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