MM Storm London!

Midnight Messiah by M.A.K. Photography

Photo by MuJi Ali Khan @ Electric Eye Photography

Midnight Messiah would like to thank everyone who came along to their London Show on 30th August. The crowd was rocking and the band was on fire! Thanks to Silent Divide and The Deep for their great sets, and to Terry Whiberley for organising the show. There are some videos from the night in the videos section.


Elixir In New Metal Art Book

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The cover artwork of Elixir's 'The Son of Odin' album is featured in a new book by Martin Popoff and Malcolm Dome entitled 'The Art of Metal'.
The hardback book has 224 thick, 80 lb. gloss, full colour, richly printed pages at a large page size of 10” x 11,” with lots of tiny print – every pages is bursting with pictures and writing.
It really is a beautiful book, and a piece of art in itself! If you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy, click on the image above to go to Amazon's seller page.



Elixir In NWOBHM Documentary

Elixir feature in the Power Metal Point 'What Is the NWOBHM?' documentary. The documentary features 15 minutes of facts, images of the period, and finishes with 15 of the narrator's favourite tracks as samples of the NWOBHM genre. 'Treachery' is included as one of the 15 samples, and if you watch closely, you will spot a rare picture of the classic Elixir line-up (at 06:44) off stage after just playing their first live show (supporting Tokyo Blade, at The Royal Standard, Walthamstow, London on 4th January 1985). The band are unsure as to how that picture got into the hands of the film makers!

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MM On Reverb Nation

Midnight Messiah now have a fully-fledged page at Reverb Nation, so pay us a visit!
A big thanks to Rys Miller and the PR team in New York for setting up our page.

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First Review - The Root Of All Evil


Rock writer John Tucker, author of the NWOBHM bible 'Suzie Smiled - The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' among others, has published the first review of Midnight Messiah's debut album. Saying "There’s so much to get animated about – this is an album that’s all meat and no fat" and "Elixir fans will no doubt be expecting a handful of old songs in Midnight Messiah’s live set, but I’d be happy just to see them plug and play ‘The Root Of All Evil’ from start to finish: it really is that good". It is fair to say that the album was well-received by Mr Tucker! You can read the full review here

Let's hope the album is as well liked by the other critics, but more importantly, by you the fans that support us.

Thank you to all our loyal fans who have pre-ordered a copy of 'The Root Of All Evil' (you know who you are!) and to those who haven't ordered yet, you can buy a copy here

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