Elixir Sept 2020

Elixir 2020: L-R, Paul Taylor (voc), Norman Gordon (gtrs), Nigel Dobbs (drums), Mark Mulcaster (bass), Phil Denton (gtrs)




Nigel Dobbs - Drums

Picture: Dave Craig

Nigel, along with his brother, bassist Kevin Dobbs, original guitarist Steve Bentley and Phil Denton, formed Elixir in late 1983. Nigel's unique style of drumming, both powerful and subtle, is the backbone of the Elixir sound.


Phil Denton - Guitars

Picture: Steve Ritchie

Phil arrived to audition with a folder of his own songs. Phil was delighted with the way the others brought the songs to life, and all agreed that they had something, so decided to continue working together, finally settling on Elixir as their new band's name.




Paul Taylor - Vocals

Picture: Steve Ritchie

Paul joined Elixir from a band called Midas in the summer of 1984. After the band had tried out numerous vocalists without success, they auditioned Paul with a new song they had just written, 'Deal With The Devil', and his powerful and expressive voice made it instantly obvious that he was the singer for Elixir!




Stormin' Norman Gordon - Guitars

Picture: Steve Ritchie

After Steve Bentley suddenly quit, Stormin' Norman Gordon auditioned for Elixir in late 1984. Norman's great tone, along with his melodic leads and harmonies, brought something new to the band and completed the classic Elixir sound.



Mark Mulcaster - Bass

Picture: Claire Elliott

Mark joined Elixir in 2020 replacing original member Kevin Dobbs after Kev decided to retire from the scene. Mark has proved a perfect replacement, as his playing style is similar to Kev's whilst also adding a little of his own personality to the Elixir sound.





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